What a way to end the year by taking my business into a different direction, as well as redoing my website to reflect these changes. As I’ve been a photographer that tends to shoot an array of different subjects, I’m going to slowly steer toward becoming a newborn and children’s photographer exclusively. Before anyone gets upset, this does not mean I will not shoot your family session; it just means that it will not be my focus, or what I plan on driving my business. As Amped Images has been growing, it became clear early on that I wanted to focus on Newborns. I love newborn sessions and the emotion from them, both connecting with the parents and the artistic approach I get to take when photographing babies. Also, as I’ve been doing more and more newborn photography, I knew it was going to one day be my focus.

With this being my 2016 plan in mind, I needed to update my website. My new homepage shows a lot of what I have to offer, but the other pages are a little more targeted. Please let me know if you ever have any questions, or are unclear of anything I list on the website. I appreciate you checking out Amped Images.